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Northern California Amateur Paranormal Society

Nor-CAPS is a northern Californian group (based in Sacramento) dedicated to the study and documentation of paranormal activity. We apply scientific methods to our investigations to first try and find a logical conclusion until only the unexplained remains. We are built around a core team of dedicated individuals. We are always working on trying to set up investigations for our members to be a part of, but space may be limited.

If you are experiencing activity and need answers, please use our Contact Us form. We never charge to investigate and we will never release any information without permission.

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  1. A person who engages in a study, sport, or other activity for pleasure rather than for financial benefit or professional reasons.
  2. A person who is fond of or admires something.


  1. An occurrence of an event or perception without scientific explanation, as psychokinesis, extrasensory perception, or other purportedly supernatural phenomena.
  2. Beyond normal explanation.


  1. An organized group of persons associated together for religious, benevolent, cultural, scientific, political, patriotic, or other purposes.
  2. The body of human beings generally, associated or viewed as members of a community.
  3. Those with whom one has companionship.
  4. Companionship; company: to enjoy one's society.
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