Audio Recorders

Audio recorders are used to capture audio evidence most commonly referred to as an EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomenon. The type and brand of audio recorders to use is mainly up to your budget and personal preference. Just remember that the device needs to be easy to use in dark conditions and you can get the files easily off the device.

Audio recorders come in 2 different styles, Digital and Tape. Which one you use is very much up to personal preference.

Digital Recorders

Most investigators use digital recorders because of their compact size, ease of use and better sound quality. Some digital recorders are capable of recording in different formats and sampling rates.

Examples of digital recorders

Tape Recorders

Tape recorders use a magnetic tape to store data on and some believe this tape is more sensitive to the paranormal. They have limited recording time based on the tape and pick up sounds internal to the recording device.


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EVP Classifications

EVP's are generally classified in one of the 3 following categories.

  • Class A: These are are clearly heard and understood, and are usually in response to a question that was just asked. They are not always heard by investigators in the same location.
  • Class B: These are the most common. Most people can hear the voice over a speaker, but the content may not be clearly understood.
  • Class C:  These are hard to understand and may need headphones to hear. Usually one or two words can be made out but for the most part they are unintelligible.
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